ENVISION: Your questions answered



The ENVISION Student Partnership is an annual program run by NBRS with some of the most creative young minds in the design industry. This unique intern program encourages students to investigate collaboratively and provides them with an opportunity to experiment through an interplay of research and design. [Read More]

What have previous students said about the program?

“A great intensive design research program! An innovative way to introduce students to the dynamics of the architecture industry – from forming an informed and pragmatic way to approach design to presenting ideas to clients and colleagues.”

“I feel like I’m taking away a lot of great things from this experience, like better design skills, and a strengthened ability to collaborate and coordinate well in group work. It has really given me a lot to think about and incorporate into future designs.”

“Very positive feelings looking back over the program. The program was well structured, with appropriate expectations and deadlines. Selection of the other students was tactful in paring myself with people with strengths in different areas leading to an overall effective team.”

“I really enjoyed developing designs with an actual sense of reality and practicality within the physical world within a professional practice. Being able to discuss ideas and theories with other professionals, while observing and learning about how a practice operates.”


What are you looking for in the paragraph response section? Can’t I just send you my portfolio?

Our unique internship program is an intensive design research program. Because the outcome is a research publication, we need to know that you are a competent writer. We don’t expect you to be an expert on the topic that the question addresses, but we are looking for people who can express themselves with clarity. We want to see passion for design, innovation in thinking and how you think design can make a positive difference in the world.

What skills will I learn?

You will undoubtedly many new skills and expand existing ones! Here are what some previous team members said:

“Ability to work better within a team environment, taking advantage of other people’s ability in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Various professional practice skills”

“It has consolidated my strength with graphic communication and visual subtlety. I also have gained more confidence in my design abilities by seeing what I can best contribute in a collaboration.”

“Communication skills have definitely grown (written, verbally and graphically).”

“Various professional practice skills that you can’t learn at uni.”


Will I be your unpaid coffee-fetching photocopying slave?

Not a chance – we even have someone who will make you a free coffee every morning! Not only are our students paid, but their time during the program is packed full with exciting design and research tasks. The program is varied, involving interviews with real industry stakeholders, design reviews with our experienced architects, reading existing research, problem solving, writing, sketching, imagining, modeling and much more.

I don’t live in Sydney, should I apply?

The program is run from our Sydney office, located in Milsons Point and is only open to students who are locally situated. Should they be successful, we do not sponsor relocation/accommodation etc. for students choosing to apply from distant locations. Candidates must be prepared to participate for the full period from 1 December 2014 – 13 February 2015 (2 week break over the holiday season).

Where can I find the publications from previous years’ programs?



Where can I find out more information about this year’s program?


This sounds like an awesome opportunity – How do I apply?

Online application form at nbrsap.com.au/envision2015


NBRS+PARTNERS is a people focused, research based studio that aims to enrich lives. By developing creative design partnerships our portfolio spanning public and private sectors exhibit an understanding of the people whose lives will be affected. Above all NBRS seeks to design environments that will have positive life changing affect. Architecture is the cornerstone of NBRS+PARTNERS global interdisciplinary design practice with expertise in Architecture, Heritage, Interiors, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, ESD and Research. Since 1968, NBRS has developed a research led international architecture practice based in Sydney Australia. NBRS is recognised for its innovative, award-winning design excellence and comprehensive expertise. Our design-minded, 50 strong team’s unique focus on creative partnerships helps to realise solutions, with extraordinary results.

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