Launched Today

NBRS+PARTNERS launched 2030 Cycle of Wellness to Aged Care, Health and Community Care providers today. The ENVISION Student Partnership team in collaboration with the Architectural team from NBRS+PARTNERS highlighted that lifelong health activism is key for the future of Australian Healthcare.

NBRS+PARTNERS emphasised that the future of Australian healthcare lies in engaging the community in and empowering them through a Lifecycle of Wellness to encourage a healthy lifestyle, based on increased health awareness and preventative multi-disciplinary care.

NBRS+PARTNERS encouraged a paradigm shift to create a view of health as a holistic, lifelong investment, and not as simply episodic medical intervention. A transformational health environment incorporates a Wellness Neighbourhood; through to the Community Hub which blends with the Regenerative Core, health is delivered on a community wide platform.

See the video:

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NBRS+PARTNERS is a people focused, research based studio that aims to enrich lives. By developing creative design partnerships our portfolio spanning public and private sectors exhibit an understanding of the people whose lives will be affected. Above all NBRS seeks to design environments that will have positive life changing affect. Architecture is the cornerstone of NBRS+PARTNERS global interdisciplinary design practice with expertise in Architecture, Heritage, Interiors, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, ESD and Research. Since 1968, NBRS has developed a research led international architecture practice based in Sydney Australia. NBRS is recognised for its innovative, award-winning design excellence and comprehensive expertise. Our design-minded, 50 strong team’s unique focus on creative partnerships helps to realise solutions, with extraordinary results.

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