Dynamic & Flexible

Opening – Trinity Grammar Junior School

The official Opening and Dedication of the purpose-built Junior School facilities in Seaview Street represents the faithful outcome of a journey that took some 14 years in the making. lt is the tangible reflection of the careful and detailed planning of the SchooI Council, together with the pioneering spirit of the Junior School foundational families, the boys and the staff. They translated vision into reality and met every expected and unanticipated obstacle and challenge with a determined professional attitude and a cheerful disposition, much in keeping with the Trinity spirit our School’s pioneers displayed back in 1913.

These delightful new facilities are not only exciting and appealing aesthetically: they facilitate a dynamic and flexible approach to teaching and learning which both engages and inspires inquiry, the search for understanding and the acquisition and application of knowledge in the context of the ever-changing world of today and beyond.

Milton Cujes – Head Master. 3rd October 2012


NBRS+PARTNERS is a people focused, research based studio that aims to enrich lives. By developing creative design partnerships our portfolio spanning public and private sectors exhibit an understanding of the people whose lives will be affected. Above all NBRS seeks to design environments that will have positive life changing affect. Architecture is the cornerstone of NBRS+PARTNERS global interdisciplinary design practice with expertise in Architecture, Heritage, Interiors, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, ESD and Research. Since 1968, NBRS has developed a research led international architecture practice based in Sydney Australia. NBRS is recognised for its innovative, award-winning design excellence and comprehensive expertise. Our design-minded, 50 strong team’s unique focus on creative partnerships helps to realise solutions, with extraordinary results.

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