Construction Starts

Infants HomeThe Infants Home is one of Sydney’s oldest charities providing services to over 1200 children through an integrated child and family service hub, specialising in supporting young children up to 6 years and their families, providing integrated childcare, education, counselling, child and maternal health, medical and allied health programs, early intervention and outreach services.

NBRS+PARTNERS were commissioned by The Infants Home to redevelop their existing site at Ashfield, providing a new purpose built long day care facility for 230 children and refurbishment of heritage listed buildings on the site.

The brief called for a compact solution to streamline their services, maximize child protection and supervision whilst providing a friendly, safe environment for children, families and staff with maximum efficiency.

The concept for the new childcare centre is a group of pavilions set amongst a garden setting, recreating a friendly home environment for the child care facility that is harmonious with the adjacent heritage buildings. The design groups three licensed areas around a central administration and support area, limiting the distance between the main functions of the facility and provides maximum surveillance of people moving around the site. The design of the playrooms has been economical and where possible, two playrooms are supported by shared kitchen, amenities and storage. The outdoor play space is fully fenced and allows interaction of children between different playrooms.

The buildings have been designed around major trees and clusters to enhance the new child care environment and utilize existing shade. The pivotal node is centred around a large camphor laurel tree, creating a meeting space that is central for visitors to the Licence areas, offering an areas for parents to sit and meet amongst the pavilions and landscaped grounds.

The new development will enable The Infants Home to continue to provide services to the Community, now and well into the future.


NBRS+PARTNERS is a people focused, research based studio that aims to enrich lives. By developing creative design partnerships our portfolio spanning public and private sectors exhibit an understanding of the people whose lives will be affected. Above all NBRS seeks to design environments that will have positive life changing affect. Architecture is the cornerstone of NBRS+PARTNERS global interdisciplinary design practice with expertise in Architecture, Heritage, Interiors, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, ESD and Research. Since 1968, NBRS has developed a research led international architecture practice based in Sydney Australia. NBRS is recognised for its innovative, award-winning design excellence and comprehensive expertise. Our design-minded, 50 strong team’s unique focus on creative partnerships helps to realise solutions, with extraordinary results.

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